Manage and plan your distribution delivery delivery routes. Maximize profit margins on a route-by-route basis. Make smarter route planning decisions. Track your routes, as well as 3rd party routes, in real-time.

What NEXT can do for you

Intelligent GEO Mapping

Intelligent route mapping designed to create the most optimized delivery routes for product delivery.

Physical Inventory Control

Enables each delivery vehicle to manage its own inventory. Route drivers able to invoice returns and manage non-deliveries regardless of causes.

Integrates With Swift 

Intelligent picking based on assigned distribution routes to maximize delivery, save time, and increase customer service.

Automated Route Settlement

Real-time information updates allows route drivers to settle inventory and cash receipts automatically when deliveries have been completed.

Real-Time Tracking and POD

Real-time tracking of individual deliveries through dynamic maps connected to clients, vehicles and services. Robust POD application to prove client delivery through GPS tags, images and data, in real-time. Notifies clients of completed delivery.

Part of a Complete Solution

NEXT completes the supply chain, providing a holistic solution, from product order, packing and final delivery of order to client.

Contract Management

Route metering to calculate average cost per route mile. Third party transportation services are able to generate POs based on deliveries from earlier in the day.

Fleet and Services Management

Manages vehicle maintenance, service history and spare parts. Optimize route profitability through vehicle viability.