Manage, simplify and accelerate distribution center processes, from receipt of goods, through inventory control, to product delivery and logistics operations.
Cut costs while boosting productivity.

Customer Service

Intelligent picking solution to improve delivery times.


Manage distribution center and view resource performance indicators with easy-to-use dashboard.

Automated Capture

Cut costs and increase profitability with optimized inventory management processes.

Accurate Inventory

Maintain and increase inventory accuracy through data verification system.

What swift can do for you

Directed Tasks

Increase efficiency of floor operator, through access to accurate, real-time information while carrying out tasks. Can track who has done what and when in the warehouse with just a mouse click.

Physical Inventory Control

Automated inventory resupply alerts based on consumption. Generates re-stocking tasks to keep warehouse in optimized condition.

Integrate With Your ERP

Avoid time-consuming redundant tasks. Integrate your inventory operations quickly and efficiently. You can integrate product catalogs, POs, expenses and invoicing.

Random Inventory Counts

Quickly and easily identify changes in inventory without conducting exhaustive physical inventory counts. Automated inventory counts by location and SKUs.

Integrated Processes & Traceability

Smart storage processes to maximize physical space. Optimized picking to accelerate response time. Lot control and historical tracing, from receipt to delivery of PO.

Intelligent Delivery

Picking waves composed of goods from multiple orders, or individual orders, task balancing by operators, and lot control, all in one single operation.

Contract Management

Operations metering designed to maximize operational cost visibility. Manage multiple clients and multiple contracts, from one warehouse and one logistics manager.

Part of a Complete Solution

Integration with SONDA increases client response time from 48 hours to 12 hours. Connect with NEXT to improve delivery times and increase company profits.